The first Spinnaker boutique was opened in 1976 in Alassio by Lorenza Betti and today he still take care of Spinnaker’s boutique together her family.

At Spinnaker, curiosity, imagination, creativity and experience are merged into one expression of luxury fashion.

Our 15 boutiques located in Sanremo, Alassio and Portofino are the stage where fashion is the guest of honor. Style evolves and renews itself through time but the best designers remain recognizable for their refined expressions of taste and elegance.

Spinnaker can offer to his customer more then 200 luxury brands: clothes, accessories, shoes for man and woman.
Spinnaker’s boutiques are considered as one of fashion Italian leader boutique, fashion magazines as Vogue, Flair, GQ… asks monthly news about new trend of luxury world.

Spinnaker’s task is to discover new talent designer too.
The Italian chamber of MODA consider Spinnaker between “THE BEST SHOP’s”, (Chamber of Italian buyer).